Thursday, August 10, 2006

The First Ten Comandments of (Individual) Inventors

  1. Stay away from invention marketing companies that advertise on radio and late night TV.
  2. Keep good records about your idea . . . some day they may be the back up you need to prove YOUR idea is YOURS!
  3. Do your own patent search.
  4. Build a model.
  5. Have your invention evaluated by a non-biased professional (even if your Mom’s in
    the business, go to someone else!)
  6. Read all you can about new product development.
  7. Network with other inventors. Join a local inventors’ organization.
  8. If your patent search looked promising (see #3), make an appointment with a
    patent attorney.
  9. Do what you do well and hire pros to do the rest.
  10. Don’t fall in love with your invention but if you’re really sure you’ve got a winner
    (see #5), hang in there!

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