Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Google launches 'knol' beta

Google has announced that it is developing a content service that will one day be a rival to Wikipedia. The announcement by the Service Engine giant came a few days back when the company announced that ‘Knol’ the name of the content service will be launched shortly to the general public in the coming next year. ‘Knol’ the company’s term for a unit of knowledge would be a repository of knowledge where readers would be able to read articles from various experts on different topics.

The online encyclopaedia is somewhat different from its rival Wikipedia. Wikipedia on the one hand does not acknowledge its contributors and other readers can edit the original content but Knol on the other hand would acknowledge its contributors and only the contributors would be allowed to edit their articles. Wikipedia is a non-profit ad-free content service whereas Knol would not be ad-free and the authors would be able to benefit from the advertisements placed in their respective pages.

Knol is an ambitious attempt by Google to streamline and organize information on various topics. With this new service anyone would be able to write a webpage on any topic and have it indexed in Google’s search engine. The good thing about this new venture by Google is that the authors would be paid for their contributions. Knol would revolutionize content development and create a platform for expert writers to contribute authentic articles for the benefit of the readers.

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