Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SparkIP Launches Monthly Intellectual Property Index

SparkIP, an online intellectual property (IP) network for the scientific community, today announces the creation of the SparkIP Index, a monthly report highlighting the top five SparkClustersTM, SparkSearch terms, and new innovative technologies found on the site. The Index will provide a snapshot of emerging trends in the scientific community and provide researchers insight into today's marketplace.

SparkIP is the worlds largest actively managed marketplace for top institutions, corporations and individual inventors. The site currently hosts more than 5,500 fully-searchable licensable technologies. The Index identifies the top SparkClustersTM, SparkSearch terms, and new technologies available for licensing.

  • SparkClustersTM, self-categorizing and self-naming contextualized information, are SparkIPs proprietary groupings of patents and new innovation. As of December 2007, there are 40,000 SparkClustersTM on the site.
  • SparkSearch terms are crucial to the scientific and corporate communities, illustrating what people are examining for future research and development opportunities.
  • The top new available technologies, listed on SparkIP's marketplace, emphasize new innovation available from contributing universities and research institutions across the U.S. and abroad, giving SparkIP users access to relevant intellectual property from leading inventors.
"Our SparkIP Index provides a snapshot of top-of-mind technologies and research relevant to the scientific community," says Ed Trimble, CEO of SparkIP. "It provides an easy way for researchers to make an immediate connection to key research and provides a gauge for what technologies are likely to make waves in the marketplace during the coming months.

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