Wednesday, February 06, 2008

EPO on "Why researchers should care about patents"

In "Why researchers should care about patents," the European Patent Office notes that "Before starting a R&D-project, an effective study of the state of the art is useful and advisable. It shouldnot only focus on books and scientific journals, but also take patent information into account."
According to the EPO, there are several reasons for searching patent literature, to
Avoid duplication of R&D efforts and spending
Find solutions to technical problems
Gather business intelligence
"up to 30% of all expenditure in R&D is wasted on redeveloping existing inventions."
The report also goes on to discuss other basic topics such as "Why and when should I consider patenting in a R&D project?," "Respecting third parties’ rights," "Some facts about patent documents," and "Where can I get more help and information?"

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