Friday, March 28, 2008

Cosmetic firms among top trademark filers: WIPO

Henkel, L'Oreal and Beiersdorf were all among the top twenty trademark filers in 2007 as applications increased significantly reflecting higher trade with booming Asian economies, according to a UN agency.

The personal care market in countries like India and China is growing fast providing opportunities for cosmetic companies to boost their top line as sales growth in Europe and North America slows.Overall the number of international trademark applications received in 2007 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency, increased 9.5 percent to 39,945 compared to the previous year.Chinese leadChina remained the most designated country in international trademark applications reflecting increasing levels of trading activity by foreign companies in the country.The number of cosmetics companies among the top twenty filers is indicative of the opportunities in the Chinese personal care market.Germany-based Henkel is the holder of the most international trademarks while the company featured alongside L'Oreal and Beiersdorf in the list of the twenty firms to make the most applications in 2007.
Applicants from Germany led the list of top filers followed by users in France and then the US. Trademark systemThe applications were made via the Madrid system which enables individuals and companies to acquire and maintain trademark protection in export markets. Increased designations in a country usually reflect the commercial activity by foreign companies although the figures are only indicative.The overall growth in the number of trademark applications received by the WIPO reflects the development of the Madrid system as well as international trade.WIPO director general Dr. Kamil Idris said: "The Madrid system has earned the trust and confidence of the business community as a reliable option for brands seeking export markets."WIPO will continue to enhance its services to the private sector to enable companies to obtain and maintain trademark protection in a timely and cost-effective way."

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