Tuesday, March 17, 2009

37 patents filed for Nano by Tata Motors [India]

In its bid to protect from imitations world-over, Tata Motors has apparently applied for 37 patents for its Nano, as per a report carried in The Economic Times. Furthermore, it is in the process of filing Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) claims for Nano in overseas markets, as quoted by a company official, adding that most of the patent applications filed before 2007 have already been granted.

It may be recalled that Nano has been developed to cater to the demands from developing as well as developed markets equivocally and there have been numerous innovations and inventions incorporated in the car that make the car unique.According to The Economic Times, the company has used a number of new concepts and ideas to develop this vehicle and patents will help in protecting some of its innovative ideas, as claimed by well-informed sources.. The move is also expected to help Tata Motors to sell the car in markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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