Thursday, April 27, 2006

Law Wire - World Intellectual Property Day

Law Wire on World Intellectual Property Day.
WIPO Director General Dr Kamal Idris, according to the WIPO press release, has emphasised the limitless value of ideas in inspiring the work of inventors and creators from which we all ultimately benefit.
He adds:
"Ideas shape our world. They are the raw materials on which our future prosperity and heritage depend. This is why it is important to provide environments in which innovative ideas are encouraged and rewarded. This is why intellectual property exists".
Law Wire has recently been contemplating Article 2 of the WIPO Copyright Treaty ("Copyright protection extends to expressions and not to ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts as such") has a teeny weeny problem with this: intellectual property law doesn't actually protect ideas. Or has he missed something? Rodney says: here's a little competition: the first person to let her know if there's anything in the text of any international IP treaty or convention administered by WIPO that suggests that ideas are indeed protectable wins a bottle of bubbly with which to drink the health of IP for another year.But here's an IDEA which is firmly protected by copyright ... and here's another one.
Rodney D. Ryder

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