Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Cost of Patent Management

The authors conclude that managing acquisition and maintenance costs of patents "has to be done without unduly increasing risks or lowering the quality of patent grants or monitoring the granted patents to manage costs during the life of a patent. . . . Patents assets are just one part of an overall IP management process aimed at leveraging and profiting from IP assets."They also provide numerous links to other materials on these topics, including
“Cost of patenting” at
Report of the study entitled, “Study on the Cost of Patenting” carried out by the Roland Berger Market Research for the EPO at
“Seven Ways to Control the Cost and Quality of Your Patent Docket” at
“Strategies to Defer Costs of Patenting—Use Provisional, 'PCT' Applications” by R. Lewis Gable and Mark Montague at
“Culling Your Patent Portfolio” on pages 16 to 18 at
“Practical IP Issues in Developing a Business Plan” at
“Integrating the intellectual property value chain” by Bill Barrett & Dave Crawford at

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