Friday, October 12, 2007

ASIA Domain Name Registrations Open October 9, 2007

DotAsia, the not-for-profit organisation that has been delegated the responsibility for operating the .Asia top-level domain registry, will open its first sunrise registration period on October 9, 2007 for governmental reserved names, and registered trademarks and service marks:

  • Governments or relevant bodies may “activate” (i.e. register) domains from the Reserved Names list compiled in Pre-Sunrise.
  • Marks must be applied for before March 16, 2004 (SR2a Cut-Off Date)
  • Marks must be issued and valid upon domain registration application
  • Applicant must have demonstrable usage of Mark (in the class if applicable) registered
    Registrant must be owner, co-owner or assignee of Mark
  • Documentary evidence is not mandatorily required, but required upon request
Read more in their "Introduction to the .ASIA Sunrise (pdf)"and "Launch Schedule & Summary (pdf)."

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