Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Igor Naming Guide

Igor Naming and Brand Agency created the Igor Naming Guide in order to demystify the product and company naming process.
They say it shows how and why great product and company names work, starting with the relative strengths and weakness of four major categories of names:
Functional / Descriptive Names
Invented Names
Experiential Names
Evocative Names Igor's own naming process is presented in excruciating but logical detail, including tools such as "name taxonomy charts" for brining bring an elegant simplicity to a complex set of intertwined naming elements. The taxonomy chart keeps the process focused on the competitive aspect, forces you to quantify both the negative and positive attributes of each name under consideration, sets a high standard for you to meet, and gives everyone involved a clean and easy framework in which to disparage, insult, and belittle each other.Igor's own blog about naming and branding in popular culture is called "Snark Hunting." These are a great resources for when your client finds out that they need a new mark.

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