Saturday, March 25, 2006

JIII Guide to Patent Mapping

According to the introduction to this 2000 edition, Current technological development necessitates conducting searches of patent information to avoid unnecessary investment as well as gaining the seedsfor technological development and the applicable fields contained in the patentinformation. In order to accomplish this, visual representation of relatedpatent information (hereinafter “Patent Map”) attracts the attention of thepersons concerned. A patent map is produced by gathering related patentinformation of a target technology field, processing, and analyzing it. . . .On the basis of this awareness, the Japan Patent Office has been producingand providing patent maps for several technology fields for the purpose of beingof assistance in utilizing patent information in industry since 1997. The JIII was originally established under the name of "Association for the Protection of industrial Property" on May 5 , 1904 , both by Mr.Keigo Kiyoura , the then Minister of Agriculture and Commerce , and by Mr. Kinya Kume the then Director General of the Patent Office, for the purpose of developing and safeguarding industrial property. In 1947 , the institute changed its name to the " Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (Hatsumei Kyokai)" and has since 1968 been under the Patron of H.I.H.Prince Hitachi. The Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation endeavors to diffuse and utilize the industrial property system, through its branch offices in 47 prefectures also making efforts to take an active part in diffusing patent information.

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