Monday, March 20, 2006

Ten Rules for Technology Transfer

From R&D Magazine, The 10 Rules of Technology Transfer. The premise of the article is that "technology transfer" is an amorphous concept meaning many different things to different people.
From the article, the one overriding rule of technology transfer appears to be that tech transfer is a different thing to different people. To members of the Association of University Technology Managers, it's "a term that describes a formal transfer of new discoveries and innovations resulting from scientific research conducted at universities to the commercial sector. To the Federal Laboratory Consortium, it's "a process by which existing knowledge, facilities, or capabilities developed under federal R&D funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs."
In industry, it's a mechanism that enables companies to solve their own technology needs by purchasing or licensing other companies' technology and expertise.
With all the different meanings and subtexts how can someone or some entity navigate the minefield of tech transfer? Easy! Remember 10 rules and you can't go wrong.

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